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Yellow Hibiscus Painting

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Title: Yellow Hibiscus
Instructor: Michael P. Gosnell
Instructor's Telephone Number: (805) 473-4631

San Luis Obispo
Michaels,the Arts & Crafts Store
3880 Broad Street, San Luis Obispo

Date: Friday, September 14, 2001
Time: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Store: (805) 544-0264
Maximum Number of Students: 8

Simi Valley
Michaels,the Arts & Crafts Store
First and Easy Streets, Simi Valley

Date: Sunday, September 30, 2001
Time:11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Store: (805) 526-0360
Maximum Number of Students: 6

Number of Sessions: 1
Price: $40.00, plus materials and supplies listed below.

Class Outline:
We will create this floral oil painting on canvas using the Bob Ross methods of wet on wet painting. The brushes and materials were formulated for this specific type of painting. The class starts with a brief familiarization of the use and care of the various tools. The painting will be done in a step-by-step process, with the instructor checking the progress of each student as it develops. The painting should be completed in one single session, ready to take home. Each session is a separate and complete painting in all of the Bob Ross classes. Bob Ross classes are only taught by certified instructors that have been trained by Bob Ross Teaching Instructors to maintain the quality you have come to expect from the television lessons. Every effort is made to maintain Bob's methods and philosophy of students finding the "Joy of Painting" in this instruction.

Supply List: (Ask your Michaels Associate to give you your student discount for these items.)

  • Bob Ross 1" Landscape Brush
  • Bob Ross #2 Liner Brush
  • Bob Ross 1/2" Floral Brush
  • Bob Ross Floral Filbert Brush
  • Bob Ross 2" Soft Blender Brush (optional)
  • Bob Ross 3/4" Floral Brush (optional)
  • Bob Ross Small Round Brush(optional)
  • Paper Pallet
  • Bob Ross Liquid White
  • Bob Ross (Floral) Oil Painting Medium
  • Small container for painting medium
  • Odorless Thinner (1 pt.)
  • Thinner container
  • Pallet Knife any size
  • Soft paper towels or tissues
  • 16"x20" canvas
  • Wet Wipes or Baby Wipes
words: Bob Ross Soft Floral Paints
  • Alizarin Crimson
  • Cadmium Yellow Light
  • Cadmium Orange
  • Mauve
  • Sap Green
  • Titanium White
  • Turquoise
  • Ultramarine Blue

The following will be furnished for your use during the class, you may bring your own if you wish.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the Bob Ross classes. Please call me if I can be of assistance. My Grover Beach, California telephone number is (805) 473-4631.

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